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It's time for things to change.

Ditch franchises and forget about having to rely on the big boys. Enjoy being an independent driving instructor without the hassle of doing everything on your own. With The Drive Hive, you set your own rates and availability. We'll find you the learners and do the rest.

The advantages of using The Drive Hive

  • Set your own rates and generate the income you want
  • You'll never have to pay a franchise fee
  • There's no contract - you set your own schedule
  • Work whenever and wherever you like
  • All work is paid to you in advance
  • You'll get paid for any no-shows
  • We provide lots of CPD opportunities
  • We help book tests
  • You'll have a support network of likeminded instructors
  • We'll find you as much work as you can handle
  • Your prices aren't affected by our advertising costs
  • Live chat support 8am - 8pm every weekday
  • Mentorship to independent ADIs

The problems with using a franchise

  • You'll have to regularly pay an expensive franchise fee
  • You won't have any say on your schedule
  • You can't be sure you'll get work
  • You'll have zero support or training
  • You won't be able to incentivise learners to book
  • You won't be able to set your own price
  • Any advertising or sales will affect your profits
  • Your working to pay someone else's wages
  • You'll have less family time and freedom
  • You'll be tied into a long-term contract

All you need to do is register with us

We believe that driving instructors shouldn't have to pay an expensive franchise fee. And they should also have the flexibility to work when and where they want.

Instead, we'll find you all the work you can handle and you won't have to lose out on the money you earn.

You'll get paid fast

List yourself on The Drive Hive and learners can book directly with you 24 hours a day. They can pay by credit card, debit card or in instalments with interest free credit.

You get paid immediately when a pupil books with you, and the booking will appear directly in your Google Calendar.

We'll cover the costs of our offers

As an incentive to book an intensive driving course on our platform, we offer pupils:

  • A free Theory Test with 30 and 40-hour intensive courses
  • A Free re-test if they fail
  • Free online Theory Test training via Zoom
  • A £62 refund if they pass first time
  • A driving test cancellation service

Don't worry, though. We'll cover all of these costs, this will cost you nothing.

You control your schedule, prices and terms

With The Drive Hive, you set you own availability. You'll also set your own prices, terms and areas you're willing to work in.

That means you're in total control of your lifestyle and earning potential.

We also offer extra services

If you need extra help, we can even answer your live chats, take your phone calls and book lessons for you, plus provide all the back office support that you want. 

This service costs extra, but it's nice to know that it's an option.

So what are you waiting for? Join our growing community and be an independent driving instructor with The Drive Hive.

Just fill out our form below and we'll be in touch.

With our intensive driving courses, you'll get money back if you pass first time and a free retest if you don't.