You can now teach learners how to drive... on your terms.

Are you ready to ditch the expensive franchise fees, enjoy job security and earn exactly what you want?

Isn't it time that you called the shots?

Being a driving instructor should be an awesome job.

After all, driving is fun. You're not indoors chained to a desk and each day is different. You also help real people achieve something genuinely significant and memorable. 

But in spite of this, for most instructors, teaching people how to drive is a fruitless and stressful career. 

Until now, instructors only had 2 options to choose from: they could either be part a franchise or operate independently. And neither of those options are ideal. Far from it, actually.

Neither will give you a good income, job security or peace of mind.

1. Being part of a franchise

Buying a franchise and getting a little help from an established company sounds like it would be a good idea, but there's always a hefty weekly fee to be paid.

Most places charge instructors around £280 a week to use their name. And although that fee might include a car, that money will need to be paid regardless of how many pupils you teach in those 7 days. 

So, we're talking about approximately £1,120 before tax and fuel costs and working all week before you can turn over a profit. That's no good. That's not a business - it's a constant struggle.

And, of course, we've not even touched on the hassle of finding the learners in the first place. Some will supply you with learners to teach, but there's no guarantee. Meanwhile, many will expect you to find customers.

Constantly having to source new customers is tough, especially if you don't know how to do it (and instructors shouldn't have to learn about marketing).

As a result, things tend to be either feast or famine for most driving instructors and it's not a reliable and stress-free working environment. 

2. Operating independently

Of course, you could do everything on your own, but this is arguably an even more dangerous and stressful option.

Even the best driving instructor in the world would need plenty of additional business skills to make this work over the long-term. Again, operating independently means you'll need a reliable system for finding new customers.

If you don't have a solid method for attracting new learners, then you're never going to be certain that you can pay the bills. Do you really want this extra stress?

It really sucks the fun out of the job.

But look, if you're fed up, we have the solution

We've created a new way for instructors to teach learners how to drive.

A way that allows instructors to enjoy their job and focus on what they're good at - teaching people how to drive. A way that doesn't require you to pay silly fees every week or constantly find new learners.

If you're fed up of how things are or worried about your future, then this is the perfect opportunity to consider your future, think about your goals and what's important to you.

Are you ready to create the career of your dreams?

You're going to love The Drive Hive

Here's what you can expect from us...

Total flexibility

You control your availability and your fees for driving lessons. These settings can be changed at any time.

No franchise fees

We charge a small fee when a learner books a first lesson or course with you. After that, the rest is yours.

Job security

We'll find all the customers for you. All you have to do is update your schedule and tell us when you want to work.

Greater income potential

You'll never be short of work, so you can adjust your availability at any time and create the income you want.

Here's how it works...

Obviously driving lessons and tests are off the agenda at the minute, but we're busy preparing for when everything goes back to normal by assembling a database of the best driving instructors around.

Each of the instructors on our platform has their own account, where they can tell us when and where they're able to work, plus how much they want to charge. These settings are dynamic and can be updated anytime.

On our booking page, learners can select their nearest location from the dropdown menu and see all their local instructors. They can then choose who they want to have a lesson or intensive driving course with by looking at all the instructors' ratings, reviews, prices and availability.

It's really simple and everyone gets what they want.

So, when this current situation is over and we're legally allowed to have driving lessons and tests again in the UK, we'll do all the hard work and find all the customers for you (we're ace at marketing, plus we've got a lot of high-quality and helpful content for learners to access on our site).

We just hook you up with the customers and the rest is up to you.

How do we make money if we don't charge franchise fees?

It's totally free to join The Drive Hive and there's no rental fee or subscription to pay. Instead, we charge everyone a small fee whenever a new learner books a session with a driving instructor. Think of it as a tiny finders fee.

We charge £25 every time a new learner books a driving lesson with you. But that's only for the very first lesson. After that, whatever you earn from that learner is 100% yours (no matter how many lessons they have with you). 

We charge a small admin fee every time someone books an intensive driving course with you. But this is added onto the rate that you set in your account, so you'll always get the fee that you want. 

And that's it. We've kept things really easy. We do all the hard work by sourcing the learners, completely taking away the strain for lead generation. Then we hand them to you on a plate and charge a little finders fee.

Even the learner is super-happy, because they can schedule driving lessons with an instructor they've chosen, at a price that they're happy with and at a time that suits them (something they can't do at a driving school).

From their point of view, they have all the flexibility and control, too.

Basically, everyone wins.

No contracts, no hassle, no worries

We don't ask you to sign any sort of contract with us, either.

You're free to work with whoever you want, wherever you like. Having said that, we're pretty sure that once you see how easy, convenient and lucrative being on our platform is, you're not going to want any other option.

We do ask that all instructors keep their settings up to date. That means staying on top of your availability, because it's key that learners who are looking for an instructor can see the right information.

Any instructors who aren't proactive with maintaining their account might be removed from our system.

Is The Drive Hive right for you?

We only have a few requirements to operate a driving instructor on our platform.


You must be a fully qualified instructor with a car. Currently, we don't offer any training.


You must be reliable. We always need your schedule kept updated for the system to work.


You must give a good service. Anyone consistently generating bad reviews will be deleted.

This is the new way of teaching learners how to drive

We're really excited about what we've created.

Unfortunately the UK lockdown scuppered our plans for a launch in early 2020, but it's given us a chance to refine the technology and seek out some top driving instructors.

We want to cover all over the UK, so it doesn't matter where you live. If you're a top-notch instructor who is looking for a different way way of working, give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


How much can I earn with you?

There's no limit to how much income you can make with The Drive Hive. You're in control of both your availability and your rates, so you can work and earn what you like.

If you're really busy, you can up your rates and adjust your schedule to reflect demand. If things are a bit slow, you can lower your fees and open up your week.

The choice is always yours, but one thing's for sure: the better your reputation, the more work you'll get. After all, learners pick instructors on our platform based on their ratings, reviews, availability and rates.

How do I get paid?

When someone books a driving lesson with you, we take a one-off £25 fee from the customer for that first session.

No other payments are taken. You'll be notified immediately and your next job will be to contact the learner and to take that first lesson on the scheduled date.

After that first lesson, it's up to the instructor and the learner to arrange future lessons and payments.

Intensive driving courses work slightly differently. When a learner books an intensive driving course with you, they're  asked to pay £200 from the cost of the course. This is a non-refundable £200 fee to reserve their spot. This is our payment and the remainder of the course fee must be settled with the instructor once the course has started.

Once you've been notified that an intensive driving course has been booked, it's your responsibility to contact the learner, begin the course on the scheduled date and to take the remainder of the payment.

Why must I have a public profile?

Learning to drive can be nerve-wracking and we think that being able to picture what an instructor looks like, read their reviews and see their rating before a lesson is booked is a nicer experience. 

It's going to make the learner more comfortable and that will increase the likelihood of the lessons going well (which benefits the instructor, too).

Plus, this approach also encourages driving instructors to care about the level of instruction that they're offering. Put simply, poor ratings and negative reviews will lead to less work.

How do I deal with customer issues?

Once someone has booked a driving lesson or an intensive  course with an instructor, it's then the selected instructor's responsibility to provide the service that's been paid for.

From scheduling lessons to taking payments, dealing with issues to booking tests, the driving instructor must liaise directly with the customer from the very start right to the end. 

We have no liability to either the driving instructor or the learner and we have no involvement in the relationship at any stage. It's up to the instructor to deliver everything that the customer wants.

If a learner wants a refund from a lesson or an intensive course, this is something for the instructor and the customer to resolve. Under no circumstances will we be able to refund the fee that we charge the learner or driving instructor for connecting them in the first place.

If you feel that a learner has left you an unfair review, please send an email to:

We'll then investigate and take the appropriate action (which will either be upholding or deleting the review).

What are my responsibilities?

We only want the very best driving instructors on our platform.

We offer instructors many benefits. In return, we expect them to be good at what they do and to treat all our customers like royalty. We won't tolerate any instructors who repeatedly generate poor feedback and we reserve the right to delete any instructors from our platform without any warning whatsoever.

In terms of general housekeeping, we also need you to keep your calendar updated at all times. We can't have customers booking lessons only to find out that you're actually unavailable. 

We don't ask instructors to sign an exclusive contract with us, but we do need them to play their part behind the scenes. For that reason, we reserve the right to delete any instructors who don't consistently update their availability. 

Am I guaranteed work if I join you?

We can't formally guarantee work as such, but we're the best in the business at finding people who want to learn how to drive (whether that's via traditional lessons or an intensive driving course). 

If you create an account with us, we'll do all the hard work and find the customers. All you have to do is focus on what you do best: teaching learners how to drive. 

We're ambitious and strive to be the number one place to go for anybody who wants to find a talented and reliable driving instructor near them.

We're also keen to offer a range of premium learning materials on our website, so we're confident that learners will always want to use our platform.

As a result, the key to success for you as a driving instructor is to establish a good reputation in your area. 

If you do that and build a strong profile on our platform, you'll never be short of work. And because you can set your own prices and availability, this really will be work on your terms.

Who job is it to book tests?

It is up to the driving instructor and the learner to arrange both the Theory Test (if needed) and the practical test.

Our involvement ends after a learner has been paired with an instructor and payment has been made.

Cancelling lessons and courses

If you need to cancel a lesson or course that's been scheduled, it's your responsibility to liaise with the student. Once you've been connected to a learner, our involvement ends.

You need to handle any objections and deal with any potential refunds. Whether you continue working with a learner after a cancelled lesson is up to the two parties concerned.

Under no circumstances will our fee for pairing you with the learner be refunded.

How do I deal with customer issues?

When you purchase this course, you'll be given a special code. When you're ready for some driving lessons, simply enter your postcode into our search tool, pick a driving instructor and book your lessons. 

When you pay for a driving lesson or intensive driving course, just enter your code at the checkout and the discount will be applied automatically.

Can I dispute ratings and reviews?

Although reviews are important, we understand that teaching someone how to drive can sometimes be a little stressful and that unforeseen issues can occasionally arise. We're also aware that there are usually 2 sides to every story.

If you've received a bad rating or review that you feel is unfair, please email us at:

We'll then investigate and take the appropriate action (which will either be upholding or deleting the review).

Are you ready to teach learners on your terms?

Join The Drive Hive and you can work whenever and wherever you want, earn the salary you need and generally create the kind of career that suits you.

We want to hear from you if...

  • You're a fully qualified ADI
  • You want a new way of working
  • You have you're own car
  • You're prepared to keep your calendar updated in our system

We're trying to bring onboard the best instructors in the UK. If you fulfil the criteria above, then please register to be on our platform today. Just click the button below, fill in your  details and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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