Want to know how many driving lessons you'll need?

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We'll even reveal how much learning to drive will cost you.

READY TO have the DRIVING LESSONS you want?

This is the new, flexible way of learning how to drive

You choose the driving instructor you want

Enter your postcode into our tool to see all your local instructors. See their profile, rates, reviews and ratings.

You choose the price that you want to pay

Decide between traditional lessons and an intensive driving course, then pick an instructor that meets your budget.

You choose when and where lessons happen

The instructors show their availability in real-time, so just schedule your lessons for the dates and times that suit you.

Want to learn how to drive and pass your test fast?

Then consider taking an intensive course, where you can get everything done in just a few days or weeks. You can even spread the cost of a course by paying over several instalments.

about us

We think it's about time things changed for learners

Learning how to drive should be a really huge, exciting and memorable time in anyone's life.

It shouldn't be an inconvenient and stressful experience. Unfortunately, most learners don't have much say over their 

driving lessons, but all that changes, right now. 

We give learners the chance to have the right lessons with the right person, in the right area, on the right day, at the right time and at the right price.

Booking driving lessons is easy


Head here and enter your postcode into the search bar to see a list of all your local driving instructors.


Pick who you want based on price, availability, location, reviews and ratings. Then book your lessons.


You'll get a confirmation email and a welcome pack. Then your instructor will be in touch to say hello.

Want some free help? We've created some epic resources that will help all kinds of learner drivers

Whether you're about to start learning how to drive or you've had lessons before and are eyeing up your practical test, our free guides can help you. Come dive on in; we've covered just about every topic under the sun.

IT's time for a new approach

Now you're in control

With our platform, learners have all the say. 

Prefer to have lessons on a Thursday afternoon? Sorted. Want to learn but you're on a shoestring budget? No probs. 

After an intensive driving course with a female instructor in Grimsby? You get the picture.

We ask good, reliable driving instructors to sign up with us. If they make the cut, they can enjoy the flexibility that comes with setting their own rates and availability.

And because their reviews and ratings are always visible, it's in their interests to constantly deliver a top-notch service.

Basically, everyone wins.

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