Why us

We exist because things needed to change...

Learning to drive should be a fun, exciting time. It's a huge moment in anyone's life, but the reality is that it's quite a stressful thing for most people. And you know what?

It's not always the actual learning that's the issue. It's usually the planning and taking of the lessons, with the driving schools and driving instructors causing most of the hassle.

The problem:

When you contact a driving school or an independent driving instructor, learners don't get much say in what happens. 

They're told how much lessons will cost, they're assigned an instructor that they don't know anything about and are given a pretty inflexible schedule. 

All in all, it's all a fairly impersonal experience.

The solution:

We created an awesome platform which gives learners all the power.

Once you've entered your postcode into our search tool, you can see the profile of all your local driving instructors and pick whoever you want based on their profile, ratings, reviews, prices and their availability.

This is driving on your terms.

It's so easy to start learning how to drive

Booking a driving lesson by using our platform couldn't be simpler. You just enter your postcode into our search tool, then choose between intensive courses and normal lessons.

You'll then see all your local driving instructors. Simply click on the instructors to see a bit more about them, then book a lesson or course with the one you like based on their ratings, reviews, prices and availability.

Next, you'll get a confirmation email and a welcome pack. Your instructor will then get in touch and it's time to get driving.

How many driving lessons will you need and how much will learning to drive cost?

Give us 60 seconds, take our FREE quiz for learners and we'll tell you.
Plus, you'll also get a custom action plan to follow based on your personal situation.

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