Our course will help you

storm your Theory Test

Have personal online sessions with an instructor, get an amazing app and have one crack at a Theory Test at your local test centre.

Want to hear the brutal truth about the Theory Test?

of learners fail their Theory Test

Sorry for breaking the bad news, but more than half of all learners fail their Theory Test.

Last year, over 1.7 million people took the Theory Test in the UK and only 845,000 passed it.

The fact is, the Theory Test is pretty tricky and if you don't take it seriously, you're not going to get the result that you want.

And do you know the worst thing about the Theory Test? It's compulsory. In fact, you can't even book a practical test until you've passed it, so there's no getting around it.

Most people fail because of a lack of preparation, but the Theory Test costs £23 and there's often a waiting list, so wouldn't it be better to breeze it like a boss rather than skim read a little info and chance your luck?

Our Theory Test Course is a life-saver. Quite simply, it will give you the best chance of passing and will save you loads of time, money and hassle.

Our Theory Test Course will get the job done

Here's what you'll get...

1-2-1 online tuition

Enjoy 5 x 60-minute online sessions with an expert driving instructor and get the perfect preparation.

FREE access to Theory Test Pro

Get the Theory Test Pro app (worth £17.99), practise and double your chances of passing the real test.

An attempt at the Theory Test

We'll give you one FREE attempt at the test (worth £23) by arranging a test for your at your local testing centre.

A discount on driving lessons

We'll also give you a 10% discount to use on any driving lesson or intensive course booked through our website.

Booking yourself onto our Theory Test Course is easy

Simply follow these steps to get started today


Click on the booking button and make a one-off payment of £79.99.


We'll confirm everything and a driving instructor will contact you.


You'll follow a special plan and then take a Theory Test asap.

Who is the Theory Test Course for?

Our course is perfect for any learners who want to pass their Theory Test.

Maybe you're brand new to driving and want to make sure that you pass the Theory Test properly. Perhaps you've taken and failed a Theory Test before. Either way, the course will greatly increase your chances of passing.

More people fail this test than pass it, so the choice is simple.

You can either take your chances (with the risk of taking, paying and waiting for multiple tests if it needs to be retaken)... or get expert help and storm past this obstacle.


Will this course help me pass my Theory Test?

Definitely. With 5 hours of dedicated, personal help from an experienced driving instructor and the amazing Theory Test Pro app, you'll accelerate your learning and build your confidence.

In a nutshell, you'll be super-prepared for your Theory Test... and remember that the course comes with one attempt at your local Theory Test centre so everything's taken care of for you.

Can I take the Theory Test online?

No, the test is a digital exam that can only be taken in-person at a dedicated test centre. The online sessions in our course will accelerate your learning and prepare you thoroughly.

How do the online sessions work?

We'll set up 5 x 60-minute Zoom sessions with a driving instructor. These will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and, although they'll be led by your instructor, you'll have plenty of scope to ask anything you want.

Am I guaranteed to pass my test by taking this course?

No, there's no guarantee that you'll pass. The Theory Test is taken at an independent test centre and we have no control over the questions you'll be asked.

That said, we're 100% confident in our course. It will prepare you thoroughly and undoubtedly give you the best chance of passing this tricky test.

What if I buy this course and fail my test?

If you take our course, we're as sure as we can be that you'll pass your Theory Test with no problems.

However, should you fail your Theory Test then you'll have to retake it. You're more than welcome to buy another course and talk over what happened with your driving instructor or take the test independently.

How good is the Theory Test Pro app?

Quite simply, we think it's the best app on the market. It's worth £17.99 and closely replicates the real test.

You can practise the different kinds of questions and, combined with the personal online sessions that you'll get with an experienced driving instructor, you'll be onto a winner.

How do I get my 10% discount on driving lessons?

When you purchase this course, you'll be given a special code. When you're ready for some driving lessons, simply enter your postcode into our search tool, pick a driving instructor and book your lessons. 

When you pay for a driving lesson or intensive driving course, just enter your code at the checkout and the discount will be applied automatically.

Am I entitled to cancel my course and get a refund?

You can cancel a course and get a full refund so long as the course hasn't started. Should you change your mind about taking the course, just send an email to hello@thedrivehive.com

Once a course has started, it cannot be cancelled and you won't be entitled to a refund.


The course includes:

  • 5 x 60-minute online sessions
  • Personal help from an expert instructor
  • The Theory Test Pro app (worth £17.99)
  • 1 FREE go at the Theory Test (worth £23) 
  • 10% discount on any lessons or courses

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