Refund Policy

Cancelling an intensive driving course

If you book an intensive driving course with us, you're entitled to cancel it and get a full refund so long as you give us 14 days' notice. If you need to cancel your course within 14 days of it starting, we cannot issue any kind of refund.

Similarly, if you cancel an intensive once it has started, you won't be eligible for a refund. This is because an intensive course requires an instructor to block out a dedicated amount of time and cancelling a course with little warning isn't fair.

Cancelling a session within a course

If you only need to cancel a session within your intensive, you must liaise with your instructor and arrange for it to be rearranged.

If you're unable to rearrange the session within the previously agreed course schedule, there might be a delay in completing the training. 

Rearranged lessons must be discussed with your instructor.

If a session is cancelled and this affects a test at the end of your course, your instructor will book the next earlier test. However, this test will no longer be included in the price of your course - you will have to cover the cost. 

What if my instructor cancels my course?

It is extremely rare for a driving instructor to cancel an intensive, but if it happens, another course will be arranged for you. You would also be entitled to a full refund, should you prefer to get your money back.

The same if an instructor's car breaks down during a course. Again, it's unlikely to happen, but you can choose to either rearrange the session, complete your course with a different instructor or get a refund.

All refunds will be processed within 14 days.

What if I have to cancel my test?

Your driving instructor will book the next available test, but this won't be included within the course. You'll need to cover the cost.

Online and phone sales in general

After making a booking, you have the right to cancel your course within the next 14 days without having to give us a reason.

All refunds will be processed within 14 days.