Our story...

This company was created by people just like you. People who were learners once, too. People who desperately wanted to learn how to drive and pass their test.

People who wanted the freedom and independence that comes with getting in a car, turning on the ignition and driving away to wherever and beyond.

There's nothing like it.

Having driving lessons and taking a test is a huge coming-of-age moment in anyone's life.

Whether we're talking about sitting behind the wheel for the first time or getting that handshake after passing your driving test, these are memories that will last forever.

But, as awesome as learning how to drive is, we noticed a bunch of big problems with driving schools, driving instructors and driving lessons in general. Stuff that we thought we should fix.

The Problem:

When you contact a driving school, learners don't get much say in what happens. 

They're told how much lessons will cost, they're assigned an instructor  they don't know anything about and  given a fairly inflexible schedule. 

It's all a fairly impersonal experience.

The Solution:

We created an awesome platform which gives learners all the power.

You can see the profile of all your local driving instructors and pick whoever you want based on their profile, ratings, reviews, prices and their availability.

This is driving on your terms.

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