FREE driving resources for learners 

We've created a bunch of awesome free guides, each one full of vital info and tactics that will save you serious amounts of time, effort and money. 

From negotiating the Theory Test to coping with anxiety, from holding your nerve on test day to knowing the rules about who you're allowed to take driving lessons with, we've totally got your back.

If you're serious about passing your driving test with as little hassle as possible, just answer our quick question and we'll show you the most relevant information for your personal situation.

Learning to drive: the complete guide

Get a 12-step guide on learning to driving, understand all the key rules and have all your important questions answered.

Driving lessons: what to expect

Thinking of having driving lessons? Preparation breeds confidence, so here's how things will usually pan out.

FREE quiz for learner drivers

Take our 60-second quiz to find out how many driving lessons you'll need and what learning to drive will cost you.

Intensive driving courses: the big guide

If time is an issue, intensives will get you a pass quickly. Here's what to expect from these short, sharp courses.

How to pass your Theory Test in 2020

More people fail their Theory Test than pass it, so check out our ultimate guide and save yourself a lot of hassle.

12 driving test tips to save the day

UK pass rates are shocking. But we've assembled 12 of the most important tips that you've got to know.

How to recover from a failed driving test

If you've failed a driving test before, you're not alone. But we've got an 11-step action plan to get you back on track fast.

A guide to refresher driving lessons

Had lessons before? Failed a test and been put off? Refresher driving lessons are designed to build on your knowledge.

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