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The secret to learning to drive easily & passing your test fast

We asked over 1,000 driving instructors for their number one tip for learners. Most of them said exactly the same thing. And guess what? It's not what you'd think. 

Learning to drive: a 14-step guide and all your questions answered

Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect, so we've created a step-by-step guide to learning to drive and an FAQ section which will set expectations and put your mind at rest.

Driving lessons: what to expect from start to finish

Taking your first driving lesson is pretty exciting, but you might be wondering what will happen. And also how your lessons will evolve as time goes on. We've got all the info you need.

How to pass your Theory Test
in 2020: the definitive guide

More than 50% of all learners fail their Theory Test. And because you can't even book a practical test until you pass it, we're gonna tell you how to blast through it like a boss.

11 driving test tips to make
your big day a total breeze

Worried about your practical test? We've got 11 top tips that you need to hear. You're tantalisingly close to independence and freedom, so you've nothing to lose.

Intensive driving courses:
the ultimate guide

When it comes to learning how to drive and passing your test quickly, an intensive driving course will save you time and money. But if you've got any questions, we've answered them all here.

How refresher driving lessons
can save the day

Have you taken driving lessons in the past? Perhaps you've been put off driving for some reason. Maybe you've even failed a driving test before. Refresher driving lessons can get the job done.

How to recover quickly from
a failed driving test

More people fail their driving test than pass it, so if things don't work out then you're not alone. But we can help. We've created an 11-step action plan to follow to get you what you want.


Look, you don't want to be a learner for any longer than necessary. And that's why we're busy developing affordable, bite-sized video courses that will compliment your lessons and help get you that pass quickly.

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