Why having a driving instructor franchise is a bad idea (and what you should do instead)

If you're a driving instructor, taking on a franchise seems like it should be a good idea... but it isn't. We cover all the reasons why you'll hate it below... and reveal a much better plan that you'll love.

Driving instructors typically work in one of two ways. Either they're totally independent (and have the weight of the world on their shoulders) or they take on a driving instructor franchise.

Neither are great options but the weird thing is, a franchise seems like it should be a good idea. 

After all, you get to use the name of an established business and leverage their brand in exchange for a weekly or monthly fee. The thought of having a BSM franchise, AA franchise or Bill Plant franchise sounds great in theory.

Depending on the franchise you might also get a car, help setting up and customers in exchange for your money, too. But do you know what? A driving instructor franchise isn't much fun and rarely works out as you'd expect.

We're going to explain why and give you an alternative way of operating to consider.

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Basically, what first feels like job security turns out to be the complete opposite.

The problem revolves around driving instructor franchise fees. 

Most franchises charge around £280 a week for instructors to use their name. That might include a car and help setting up, but we're talking about shelling out £1,120 every month no matter how many learners you teach.

Some franchises will give you learners to teach, but they don't guarantee work... and that fee will always have to be paid or it's game over. Meanwhile, other companies leave you to find all the customers, which is an even worse scenario. If that's the case then you'll have to pay for ads and do all the marketing.

Oh and if you are a marketing whizz with a rock-solid business plan, there's fuel costs and tax to consider as well. Whichever way you look at it, that fee is just a gigantic burden that's never going away.  

We have a great alternative that you'll love

We've created a solution where instructors are always in total control. Instructors on our platform don't have to pay a franchise fee and can dictate when they work, where and for how much.

Basically, join us and you'll always be in total control, left to focus on what you do best and enjoy the most - teaching people how to drive. 

The Drive Hive is an independent platform that instructors can register with.

When an instructor registers with us, they can dictate their schedule, the areas that they're able to work in and what their rates are (these settings can be updated at any point).

We'll handle the marketing and find you all the customers, then they can enter their postcode into our search tool to see a list of all their local instructors.

They then pick the instructor they like based on availability, price, ratings and reviews. Basically, it's a system where everyone gets what they want.

How can we afford to ditch the expensive franchise fees?

We charge £25 every time a new learner books their first driving lesson with an instructor (think of this as a small finders fee for connecting the instructor to a student).

The instructor then keeps everything else, no matter how many lessons they go on to teach that pupil.

For intensive driving courses, we charge a small admin fee each time someone books a course with an instructor and the teacher keeps the rest of the cash. 

With intensives, please note that this is just a fee that we add on to the rates that you set in your account settings (so you'll always received the rate that you want).

There's no limit to what you can earn with us. And, of course, the main reason that our platform is so good is that we'll do all the hard work and find the learners for you. With no contracts and no obligation to us, what's not to like? 

You can find out more about about how The Drive Hive works and apply to teach on our platform here.

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