This policy outlines what “cookies” are, why they're used, how we use them and how you can disable them in your browser.

It should be read alongside our Privacy Policy so that you understand how and why we use cookies, plus the additional information we may collect from you.

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Before we continue, unless it is obvious that they have some other meaning, please understand that the words "we", "our" and "us" refer to and its owner(s) The Drive Hive.

Cookies – what are they?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer’s hard drive. 

They can be used by websites to track the user, remember preferences, allow the user to log into secure areas of websites, store items in virtual shopping baskets and a whole host of other tasks.

Why and how do we use cookies?

We use cookies to allow for a greater browsing experience for our users.

As illustrated above, cookies can perform a number of very useful tasks which allow this. We may also use cookies to help us better understand our users, how they use our website and their preferences to further enhance our website and business.

The cookies we may use tend to fit into three main categories. A list of the three categories follows, along with an explanation of how and why we use cookies in each instance.

Analytical cookies

We may use anonymous analytics cookies to track the number of users we have, the pages they visit, the duration of the visit and a whole host of other useful information about how our users browse and engage with our website.

Knowing this information allows us to understand our audience reach, audience demographics, the success of our marketing campaigns, which areas of our website are most popular and get a clearer picture of how to design and implement new changes to our website and business going forward.

Please note that we aren't able to identify you as an individual using analytical cookies.

Functionality cookies

We may use cookies as a method of storing information which allows you to browse and use our website more efficiently.

We may use such cookies to perform tasks such as storing the items you have added to your online shopping cart, the information you filled into a form, your credentials to keep you logged into a secure area of the website, and to remember various other preferences.

Cookies from third-parties

The web is an integrated place.

Like most other websites, we may have third-party applications, programs, widgets and material on our website. Some of these may use cookies to track various metrics, store preferences and customise their material to you.

An example of this which is widely used across the web is social media buttons which allow users to like, share and comment about what they find on websites and may result in cookies being set.

We cannot view or change third-party cookies and third-parties cannot view or change cookies set by us.

Turning cookies off in your browser

If you decide to turn cookies off in your browser, be aware that certain areas and features of our website may not work as expected.

The majority of mainstream, up-to-date browsers allow you to disabled cookies. Usually you can find where to do this by going to the options or preference tab within your browser. Here are some helpful links:

For anyone worried about cookies used by advertisers, you can learn more about them (including how to disable them) by reading about your online choices.