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How refresher driving lessons can get the job done

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People stop learning to drive for a variety of reasons.

It could be because of a failed test. Maybe a specific maneuver has proved to be particularly tricky to master and frustration has boiled over. Perhaps it’s down to a bad experience with a driving instructor.

Sometimes there’s no real reason at all. Life might have just gotten in the way. 

Regardless, stuff happens. But if you’ve stopped taking driving lessons and you haven’t given up hope of passing your test, you’re in luck...

... refresher driving lessons are the answer to your problems. 

What are refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving lessons have a very specific goal:

To bring people who’ve previously had lessons back up to speed, to complete their training and to help them pass their test (which is taken at the end of the course).

And, if you take these lessons in the form of an intensive course, the aim is to do all this as quickly as possible.

After all, if you’ve had some sort of driving tuition in the past, you don’t want to feel like you’re re-committing to lessons for months on end again.

How do refresher driving lessons work?

After booking yourself some lessons, your driving instructor will give you a call to say hello and find out a bit about your driving background.

Once your course begins, he or she will use the first session to assess your ability. 

Don’t worry – this isn’t something to worry about. This is done so your instructor can quickly map out future lessons to make them as effective as possible. 

This fact-finding mission needs to be done because everyone’s different. Some people are nervous drivers. Many struggle with reversing. Others can't negotiate roundabouts. 

Some learners aren't good with signs. A few pupils are essentially test-ready and competent drivers but they just need a few bad habits ironed out.

Your level of skill really doesn’t matter. Our talented team of instructors have been teaching people to drive for a long time and have seen it all before.

The end goal is the same – to tailor each refresher lesson accordingly so that each learner can pass their test as quickly as possible.

The awesome news about refresher driving lessons

You might be feeling a bit down at the prospect of having more driving lessons, but guess what?

If you’ve had driving tuition before, that’s a great base and you won’t be starting from scratch. It may be that your instructor can fill in any knowledge gaps and bring you up to speed quickly. 

No matter what’s happened in the past and what you perceive your driving ability to be, crucial seeds have been sown and an experienced instructor can capitalise on this existing knowledge.

How long is a refresher driving course?

If you take refresher driving lessons in the form of a crash courses, it can last anywhere between 12 and 40 hours. Quite simply, it depends on how many lessons you’ve had and good at driving you are.

Refresher driving courses are designed to be unique and bespoke in nature. If you've only had a few lessons in the past, you'll be looking at a more comprehensive course lasting 32-40 hours.

If you've got plenty of driving experience, you could be looking a super-short course. Maybe you'll be able to take your test within 5 days.

How much do refresher driving courses cost?

As you would expect, the cost of a refresher driving course depends on the course. Clearly, a 12-hour refresher course will cost far less than a 32-hour course.

But remember that your driving instructor should be flexible. You can estimate what you'll need and book up your sessions, then add or remove sessions as needed.

Whether you're taking a course or just re-starting lessons, that pass is closer than you think.

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